Russia Again Threatens Arms Race

Adding further emphasis to Russia's objection to a European missile defense shield, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov threatened to deploy cruise missiles in Kaliningrad, a small Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania

Lieberman Says Iran Has Declared War

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has issued a statement saying that he believes that Iran has declared war on the U.S. He cites a report from the American Forces Press Service regarding Iran's involvement in the Iraqi insurgency as his justification.

Link Between Stress And Weight Found

Scientists may have discovered a link between how stressed people are and how much they weigh, and the link is not about poor food choices on the part of stressed people.

Farmers Respond To Corn Demand

With corn being used as food, livestock feed and for Ethanol production, farmers are in a rush to increase the size of their corn crops. As a result, the U.S. Is on track to grow the largest crop of corn since 1944.

Warren Buffett Wants Change In The Tax System

Taxed at a rate of just 17.7 per cent, Warren Buffett's legal rate is almost half that of most of his employees. He thinks that that is unfair and that Congress should correct the discrepancy.

China Closes 180 Food Factories

In the face of world-wide criticism of its product safety record, China closed 180 food plants that make candy, pickles, crackers and seafood due to problems in the manufacturing process.

Some Iraqi Insurgents Actually Iranian Military

The Sun in the UK is reporting that elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been seen entering Iraq and are believed responsible for bombings that have killed some British soldiers.

Afghanistan Has Record Opium Crop

Another tangible non-benefit of the War On Terror has been the dramatic rise in opium in Afghanistan. 2006 brought a record 6,700 tons of it, or 92 per cent of the world 7,300 tons total production. Much of this production is helping heroine supplant other drugs, like cannabis, as the drug of choice.

First Born Children Smarter? Try To Tell Matilda That!

A new study, released today, shows that first born children have IQs 3-4% better than their siblings. Meanwhile, a curiously times story from the U.K. of two year old Matilda who is the fifth born in her family, and, oh yeah, a member of Mensa with a 152 IQ.

Guantanamo Closure Decision Near?

While the administration denies it plans to close Guantanamo any time in the near future, the AP reports that a decision to do just that is coming soon.

Organized Labor Split On Immigration Bill

Some labor unions hope to gain membership from the millions of workers likely to become citizens under the bill while others are concerned about having to compete with guest workers who may not be afforded the same protections as their American counterparts.

NY Times Investigating News Corp And Rupert Murdoch

With News Corp looking to buy Dow Jones, the New York Times has decided to look into the global business dealings of Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp.

U.S. Still Largest Per Capita Greenhouse Gas Emitter

"China Passes U.S. In Greenhouse Gas Emissions" is a headline you'll see in wide circulation today. It is a headline that will be used to deflect attention away from the need for the U.S. to do something about its carbon emissions. What the misleading headline doesn't tell you is that on a per capita basis, the U.S. is still just over four times that of China.

Nigerian Threat To Gas Prices

It seems that Nigeria, a major exporter of oil, is on the verge of a general strike. If that occurs, expect gas prices to rise at the pump as oil futures soar. Just the threat of a strike has oil futures at a 9-month high.

Carter Condemns Bush's and Olmert's Pledges Of Aid To Abbas Government

Following the Hamas take over of Gaza, U.S. president George W Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have pledged to lift aid embargos and to provide other assistance to the Fatah government of Mahmoud Abbas which is being reconstituted in the West Bank. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has publicly denounced Bush's taking sides in the conflict saying that Hamas was properly elected to share power in the government.

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