iPhone Cracked/Hacked

A group of researchers working for a company called Independent Security Evaluators have managed to crack/hack their way into iPhones using either WiFi or malicious code on sites visited by the iPhone's web browser.

Bee Mystery Solved?

According to Mariano Higes, leader of a team of research scientists in Guadalajara, the mystery of the disappearing bees has been solved.

Hillary Clinton Two-Faced About Iraq

In a world of sound bites, presidential candidate and Democratic Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, is playing a very cynical game. Amidst paragraphs of speech talking about withdrawing troops from Iraq, she buries her intention to keep troops in Iraq if elected.

Obama Calls For New Role For U.S. Troops

While campaigning in Iowa on Saturday, presidential candidate Barack Obama put forth the suggestion that U.S. troops in Iraq be sent to fight al Qaeda.

North Korea Shuts Reactor, Seeks End To Sanctions

North Korea has shutdown its one operational nuclear reactor after having received an oil shipment for South Korea. U.N. inspectors are expected to verify the shutdown soon.

al Qaeda Back To Pre-9/11 Strength

U.S. Intelligence analysts, in a report titled "Al-Qaida better positioned to strike the West," have stated that al Qaeda has managed to regroup and rebuild back to the point it was at before September 11th.

Peace Time Procurement No Way To Win A War

After the failure of several contractors to deliver badly needed equipment on time, the U.S. Military's procurement practices have been called into question by the Pentagon's Inspector General.

Five Years From An Oil Crisis?

With oil production increasing at the rate of 1% a year versus demand rising at more than 2% a year, it is estimated that a supply crunch will hit a critical mass within five years causing a significant jump in oil prices.

Iran Two-Three Years From Bomb

According to the former head of Israel's Military Intelligence Research Division, Iran is "very close" to being able to enrich Uranium at an industrial level which would give them enough bomb material in 2-3 years.

Gaza Economy Collapsing

With Hamas now in control of Gaza, Israel has cut off the main commercial border crossing limiting what crosses the border to food and medicine.

Questionable Science On James Taranto's 'Best of the Web'

James Taranto, the extreme right-wing Wall Street Journal pundit responsible for the 'Best of the Web' column has a knack for being selective in his commentary if it helps him score quick points with his conservative readers. In an attack yesterday on Al Gore, Taranto made a significant slip-up in his rush to smear Gore's reputation.

Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Estimated

On the heals of last years estimate of 650,000 deaths in Iraq through July, 2006 comes a new study that puts the death toll at close to one million.

Trade War With China Coming?

Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have endorsed legislation calling for punitive trade tariffs on Chinese goods if the Chinese do not revalue their currency.

More Republicans Desert Iraq War

Rep John Doolittle and Sen. Pete Domenici have joined the growing ranks of Republicans fed up with the course of the war in Iraq.

Australia In Iraq For The Oil

It would appear that the United States is not the only member of the coalition in Iraq that is there for the oil. Australia's defense minister, Brendan Nelson, let it slip that Australia's motivation for continued involvement in Iraq is a result of a desire to maintain "resource security".

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