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Russia Again Threatens Arms Race

Adding further emphasis to Russia's objection to a European missile defense shield, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov threatened to deploy cruise missiles in Kaliningrad, a small Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania

In Fundraising, Republicans Trail, McCain On The Ropes

Second quarter fundraising disclosures for the three leading candidates from each party show the Republicans will behind the Democrats in total donation dollars.

Majority Of Coalition In Iraq Made Up Of Private Contractors

According to a recent census that includes the troop "surge," private contractors make up the majority of the Coalition forces in Iraq. Rather than a coalition of the willing, we have a "coalition of the billing."

Lieberman Says Iran Has Declared War

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has issued a statement saying that he believes that Iran has declared war on the U.S. He cites a report from the American Forces Press Service regarding Iran's involvement in the Iraqi insurgency as his justification.

Iran and Venezuela Ally Against U.S.

Citing continued threats from the U.S., Iranian president, Mahmoud ahmadinejad and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez met Monday before reports to lay the cornerstone of a joint petrochemical plant and an alliance.

Leahy May Seek Bush Contempt Charge

Following the White House's refusal to turn over documents related to its involvement in the firing of nine U.S. attorney's, Congress has issued subpoena's for the information. The White House, again this week, has refused to honor the subpoenas citing executive privilege.

Would An Impeachment Of Cheney Allow Bush To Create An Incumbent?

Under the U.S. Constitution, president George W Bush is not allowed to seek a third term. Current vice president Dick Cheney has said he will not run. This leaves the country with an incumbent free presidential election for the first time since Coolidge refused to seek re-election in 1928. Replacing Cheney, through impeachment or resignation, could give the Republicans an incumbent in the 2008 presidential election.

List Of Reps To Impeach Cheney Grows To Eleven

The list of Democratic sponsors on a bill by Dennis Kucinich seeking to impeach vice president Dick Cheney has grown to eleven with the addition of Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington State.

Farmers Respond To Corn Demand

With corn being used as food, livestock feed and for Ethanol production, farmers are in a rush to increase the size of their corn crops. As a result, the U.S. Is on track to grow the largest crop of corn since 1944.

Sicko Facts

If you're thinking of engaging in a debate about the movie 'Sicko', take a look at a review CNN did of the mostly accurate claims in the movie.

Want Your Boss To Manage Your Health Too?

Gov. Mike Huckabeee, Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Arkansas, believes that managing people's health is the responsibility of employers.

NYC May Require Permit, Insurance For Video Camera Users

The Mew York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting is contemplating requiring anyone engaged in photography on public property, including sidewalks, for more than half an hour to have a permit and $1 million in liability insurance.

Supreme Court Opens Door To Price Fixing

The Supreme Court, in a typically 5-4 decision, has reversed a 96 year old rule that disallows manufacturers from dictating retail pricing. The decision is expected to have a wide effect on consumers.

Warren Buffett Wants Change In The Tax System

Taxed at a rate of just 17.7 per cent, Warren Buffett's legal rate is almost half that of most of his employees. He thinks that that is unfair and that Congress should correct the discrepancy.

Congress Serves White House Over Wiretapping

After months of requesting information from the Administration regarding the controversial domestic wire-tapping program, both houses of Congress have issued actual subpoenas to several sources within the White House and other parts of the Bush Administration seeking answers.

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