Pakistan Approaching Civil War

Following last months debacle at the Red Mosque where government troops killed one hundred people, there have been mass protests, riots, and suicide bombings destabilizing the portions of the country the military controls.

Martial Law In The U.S.?

Since 9/11, several major hurdles to martial law inside the United States have been removed by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. All that really remains at this point is an excuse.

Congress Passes Bill Implementing Anti-Terror Recommendations Of The 9/11 Commission

The house passed a similar bill on its first day back in January and have now managed to get enough Republican Senators on board to send the bill to the president.

FDR's Four Freedoms - Then and Now

During his January 6th, 1941 State of the Union address, Franklin D. Roosevelt laid out four fundamental freedoms that should be enjoyed "everywhere in the world": Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of every person to worship in his own way, Freedom from want; and Freedom from fear. It is interesting to contrast these notions given in a speech as America was watching the world become increasingly engulfed in a world war that would draw in the U.S. by years end with the current "war on terror."

Turkey May Become An Islamist State

Tomorrow's elections for a Turkish president could deliver Turkey into the hands of a party determined, although they claim otherwise, to bring about Islamist rule.

Saudis Largest Foreign Part Of Iraqi Insurgency

According to a source within the U.S. military and corroborated by Iraqi lawmakers, forty-five per cent of insurgents and suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia, an "ally" of the United States in the region.

Bush Still Trying To Link Iraq And September 11th

Speaking in Cleveland yesterday, president George W Bush, took his audience through his warped logic that links Iraq and the September 11th terrorist attacks in his mind.

Kurds Fear Another Assault From Turkey

Iraq's Kurdish Foreign Minister believes that there are as many as 140,000 Turkish troops on the border with Iraq and that the Turkish military has prepared plans for an invasion.

Gaza Economy Collapsing

With Hamas now in control of Gaza, Israel has cut off the main commercial border crossing limiting what crosses the border to food and medicine.

U.S. Insinuating Iran-al Qaeda Link

Despite Iran's efforts to assist the U.S. in apprehending and detaining members of al Qaeda after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. is now trying to connect the Iranian government to al Qaeda.

Two-Thirds Of Voters Believe Iraq War Creating Terrorists

A recent poll conducted by the Aspen Institute documents just how far off course American voters believe the country to be including the 2/3 who believe that the war in Iraq is producing, not stopping, terrorists.

Guantanamo Closure Decision Near?

While the administration denies it plans to close Guantanamo any time in the near future, the AP reports that a decision to do just that is coming soon.

CIA Prisons In Eastern Europe

According to high ranking government officials in Poland and Romania, and despite official denials from their governments, the CIA ran detention centers in those countries to hold, interrogate, and torture suspected terrorists after the 9/11 attacks.

Iran Arming Taliban Fighters

Further evidence has come to light that Iran is indeed fighting a proxy war against the United States and Britain in Afghanistan (and, no doubt, Iraq as well).

Homeland Security Turns To Sci-Fi For Help

It may sounds like the stuff of fiction, but it isn't. Homeland Security is looking to the imagination of the Sci-Fi crowd for solutions to homeland security issues.

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