Bloomberg's Green Apple

In recent weeks, New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has put forth some astoundingly progressive proposals seeking to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

Canada Moves To Ban Terminator Genes

The practice in question is creation of genetically modified seeds that will produce a crop that is seedless. Canada is looking to join India and Brazil in banning such a practice.

iPhone To Be Open Platform?

During a Q & A session at the D conference, Steve Jobs has gone on record reversing months of statements by saying that Apple is working to make the platform accessible to 3rd Party Developers.

NY Makes Selling Violent Games To Minors A Felony

Any game that includes "depictions of depraved violence and indecent images" if sold to a minor is now a Class E Felony in New York.

McCain Wrong To Oppose Net Neutrality

During the All Things Digital conference this week, John McCain was asked about Net Neutrality. His response, clearly against Net Neutrality shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue.

Russia Testing Missiles To Beat U.S. Missile Shield

The Russian government is testing new missiles that they boast will penetrate the planned U.S. missile defense shield planned to protect Eastern Europe from Iranian missiles. Russia scoffs at that claim saying that the shield undermines the balance of power in Europe and will make the region a powder keg.

First Cyber-war?

This past month, the Estonian Internet infrastructure, practically a public utility compared to western utilization, was practically shutdown by attacks from ethic Russians, possibly coordinated from within the Kremin.

Sales Tax Coming To An Internet Near You

For the past six years, the States have been lobbying Congress to pass legislation to have Sales Tax collected on online purchases. Such measures have failed each year, but this year looks different.

Project Censored: 25 Stories Kept Out Of The News

Project Censored is a news site that reports stories that have been kept out of the news for whatever reason.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

Time For Email Bankruptcy?

If you are far behind on email and overwhelmed by the volume, is it time to just give up, get a new address, and start over?

Ban On Tax For Net Access Up For Renewal

Established in 1998, the Federal ban on taxes on Internet access is again up for renewal. Without renewal, it will expire on November 1st, opening up a window for state and local authorities to levy taxes on access to the everything from email to twitter.

Internet Radio Equality Act

There is a bill moving through Congress called the "Internet Radio Equality Act" which is aimed to save Internet Radio from the dustbin of history. The RIAA has gotten a decision that would required Internet radio stations to pay them a royalty of $.08 per listener per song. The new legislation sets the royalties at 7.5% of revenue (what Satellite stations pay.)

Google Bans Ads For Essay Writers

To help stem the tide of cheating on college campuses, Google has taken steps to ban advertisements for essay writing firms on their site.

Immigration Bill Contains Another Threat To Civil Liberties

As part of the sweeping immigration bill before Congress, there are provisions to establish a set of databases that employers would need to use to verify work eligibility for both future and current employees.

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