Saddam Offered To Leave Without A Fight

One month before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein offered to go into exile in exchange of $1 Billion. Contrast that with the Bush Administration's current request for another $195 Billion to continue the war.

Yet Another Excuse For War With Iran

Each day seems to bring another excuse Bush can use to justify his forthcoming war with Iran. Today comes news of Iran firing shells into Iraq. That's an actual, honest to God, act of war.

American Arms Used In Turkish Crimes

Weapons distributed to U.S. allies in Iraq have been picked up by Turkish police as the weapons used in violent crimes in that country.

Bob Schieffer Calls Out Administration On "Petraeus Report"

"[T]his does not sound like we're headed to a straight answer." - Face The Nation Anchor Bob Schieffer on the administration's plans to write the Iraq Progress Report for General Petraeus.

Cheney Knew Iraq Would Be Quagmire

In 1994, shortly after leaving office as Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney was asked to explain why president George H.W. Bush didn't move into Baghdad and topple Saddam. His response is quite informative given the current situation.

Pentagon Agrees: al Qaeda Will Not Take Iraq In U.S. Withdrawal

Pentagon war games confirm what was reported here two weeks ago: al Qaeda will not take over in Iraq if the U.S. leaves. This is in direct contradiction to Bush's claims to the contrary.

While Americans Surge, Brits Prepare Withdrawal

The American build-up in Baghdad is reaching its peak, and the effects couldn't be more devastating. Meanwhile, in Southern Iraqi city of Basra, British forces are preparing to withdraw from the city center handing control over to the locals.

Training Them There So We Can Fight Them Here

Of the many tent poles used to justify the invasion of Iraq, the last one standing was Bush's assertion that by fighting terrorists in Iraq, we won't have to fight them here. Well, a new National Intelligence Estimate kicks over the last tent pole.

U.S. Troop Departure Will Not Hand Iraq To al Qaeda

Ted Carpenter, vice president of the Cato Institute, has stated his belief that departing U.S. Forces would not leave Iraq in the hands of al Qaeda; and, he's got the numbers to prove it.

Hillary Clinton Two-Faced About Iraq

In a world of sound bites, presidential candidate and Democratic Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, is playing a very cynical game. Amidst paragraphs of speech talking about withdrawing troops from Iraq, she buries her intention to keep troops in Iraq if elected.

Saudis Largest Foreign Part Of Iraqi Insurgency

According to a source within the U.S. military and corroborated by Iraqi lawmakers, forty-five per cent of insurgents and suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia, an "ally" of the United States in the region.

Obama Calls For New Role For U.S. Troops

While campaigning in Iowa on Saturday, presidential candidate Barack Obama put forth the suggestion that U.S. troops in Iraq be sent to fight al Qaeda.

Senate Republicans Kill Troop Protection Bill

Forty-one Republicans voted to block cloture on a bill to protect U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Peace Time Procurement No Way To Win A War

After the failure of several contractors to deliver badly needed equipment on time, the U.S. Military's procurement practices have been called into question by the Pentagon's Inspector General.

CIA Believed Pre-Surge That Iraqi Government Doomed To Failure

Back in November 2006, the Iraqi Study Group was treated to president Bush's vision for Iraq and the CIA's vision for Iraq, and they got two dramatically different visions.

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