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Each day seems to bring another excuse Bush can use to justify his forthcoming war with Iran. Today comes news of Iran firing shells into Iraq. That's an actual, honest to God, act of war.

Reuters has the story of the shelling. It seems that independence minded Kurds are not only a thorn in Turkey's side, but in Iran's as well. As a result, Iran is shelling rebel positions on the Iraq side of the border.

If the Bush Administration wanted to, they could use this issue as another excuse to start a war with Iran. Under International Law, It could be argued that the U.S., as the occupying force in Iraq, even has an obligation to defend Iraq from Iranian aggression.

Don't think the shelling is enough to justify war? How about the guns and money crossing the border to support the insurgency. Then, of course, there are reports from British soldiers in the south that some insurgents are Iranian Military elements.

Paints a bleak picture, doesn't it? Well, it gets worse. It seems talk of a limited strike to take out Iran's nuclear facilities has mushroomed into plans to strike some 10,000 targets with a goal of regime change.

What can we do with a madman at the helm? Well, for one thing, examine the evidence that will be used to justify the war. Tell everyone you know what's being planned in their name. Blog about it. Raise awareness. Do everything you can to soften the hard edge of the White House/NeoCon/FoxNews propoganda machine.

Iran is playing a dangerous game in Iraq -- a game that could justify a strike back from the U.S. without congressional action. There is little we can do to stop either administration's provocations, but we can work to keep the wool from being pulled over the eyes of ourselves or our neighbors.

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