White House Ready For Withdrawal?

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As the White House prepares it's interim report on the progress of the so-called "surge", more and ore officials within the West Wing are talking about trying to announce plans for a redeployment in an effort to shore-up the shattering support the Administration has from the Republican side of Congress.

Reports of administration concerns are coming fast and furious. One of their biggest concerns in John McCain who is in Iraq. The administration is concerned that one of the biggest supporters they have in the Senate, who's campaign is on the ropes, may abandon the Iraq cause in an attempt to save his campaign.

If the president can say anything to suggest a change of course on Iraq, he may manage to get through the remaining three weeks before a Congressional recess that will last until September.

The Bush Administration is highly divided on the issue with moderates like CIA Director Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urging a change and puppet master/vice president Dick Cheney undoubtedly urging the president to stay the neo-con course.

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