White House Makes False Greenhouse Gas Reduction Claims

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In concert with the presidents calls for the leading industrialized nations to introduce voluntary curbs on greenhouse gas emissions, the White House claims that while the U.S. economy has grown 10% since 2001, greenhouse gas emissions have risen only 1.6%. They claim this is better than the 8%/5% seen in Europe. That is a false claim representing typically bad administration science.

First of all, calling an increase a reduction is typical big government nonsense. They call any budget increase under the rate of inflation a budget cut as well. But that's not the point of this article, just a pet peeve.

If you factor in other greenhouse gases, and not just carbon dioxide, U.S. Emissions have risen 15% from 1990 to 2004 compared to a 1% reduction in the E.U.

The other thing scientists call in to question is Bush's timetable for introducing voluntary caps. He's suggesting that caps be introduced by the end of 2008. Taking 18 months suggests that there needs to be some discussion as to what needs to be done. We know what needs to be done. This is Bush trying to evade the issue and nothing more. He wants the controls, when they come, to be the work of Democrats.

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