Want Your Boss To Manage Your Health Too?

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Gov. Mike Huckabeee, Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Arkansas, believes that managing people's health is the responsibility of employers.

"The truth is CEOs are the ones that have to address it," said Mike Huckabee, the Republican presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas who created a wellness program for state employees after losing more 100 pounds.

He believes that they have the motivation in that it can help them control their costs for providing health insurance.

I think what the Governor fails to realize is that such motivations are a short distance from these managers, who no doubt also make hiring decisions, from discriminating even more so based on the health of applicants. If managers are responsible for the health of their employees, it stands to reason that they will seek to hire the healthiest they can.

This, I believe, is a slippery slope; and, businesses shouldn't take a single step down it. Some manager somewhere will find themselves on the losing end of a landmark discrimination lawsuit.

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