U.S. Ups Sanctions While People Die In Sudan

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Over 200,000 people have died in Darfur and another 2 million are refugees as a result of the fighting between Sudanese government and rebel forces. The U.N. and the African Union stand ready to deploy an army of peacekeepers with the permission of the Sudanese government, which is not forthcoming.

With that many people dying, you would think the international community could do more than offer peacekeepers for a hot conflict. Perhaps what it needed is a deployment of peacekeeping forces under the protection of the threat of military force. In other words, "we're sending in peacekeepers to end the violence. Attack the peacekeepers and NATO attacks you."

Some people are philosophically opposed to the U.N. playing such a heavy handed role in the internal affairs of a member state; but, at some point, you have to regard such genocide as a criminal act and like any society, the U.N. needs to police its members or be regarded as irrelevant.


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