Sprint Drops Customers For Excessive Support Calls

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Part of a disturbing trend in American business, Sprint has decided to drop over 1,000 customers for calling their support center too much.

First broken by The Consumerist and confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, Sprint has exercised its right to terminate the contracts of over 1,000 of its clients because they call customer support at 40 times the average frequency of their regular customer base.

One has to wonder, since cell phone service requires contracts, what rights the bumped consumers may have to exercise. It is unlikely that they can use their phones on another network. So, are they just out the cost of the phone?

How far are we, as a society, before cell phones become recognized as a utility and become regulated as such? Local phone companies have to install a telephone line into your residence if you ask for it, but no one has to provide cell service to you. I know many people who only use a cell phone now and would be greatly effected by having their cell phone service unilaterally terminated by their provider. Do such people have no rights regardless of the terms of their contract?

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