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In an annual review of the nations intelligence services, a Senate panel has called into the question the CIA's infamous rendition program as well as its spending practices as it expands to face the growing intelligence demands.

The committee stopped short of actually withdrawing funding for the rendition program. Could that be considered a tacit Democratic endorsement?

The big issue in the panels report is the rendition program where many ask whether the intelligence gathered is worth the complications it causes -- people tortured under the program are effectively beyond prosecution in an American court.

Also of concern is the administration's policy of using outsourcing to fill some of the staffing needs. It is causing some CIA workers to leave the agency to work for more pay at the contractor which sends them back to the agency at an even higher cost.

Lastly, the panel said it would block expansion of the Administrations domestic spying program, but stopped short of doing anything to stop it.


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