Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Estimated

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On the heals of last years estimate of 650,000 deaths in Iraq through July, 2006 comes a new study that puts the death toll at close to one million.

The study, from a group known as Just Foreign Policy, aims to build on the work of the original Johns Hopkins study.

While the 650,000 figure as of a year ago has been more or less validated, I suspect validation of an additional 350,000 deaths in one year will not be forthcoming. Such a death toll, I suspect, would require some kind of all out war to be going on. While Iraq is a violent and bloody place, it is not a scene of all out warfare. For the new study to be right, it would require almost 1,000 deaths a day to be going on. Not even the most pessimistic news casts report anything like that going on.

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