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Like all liquids, gasoline expands as the temperature gets hotter. Gas pumps in the U.S. measure a gallon of gas at 60 degrees F. When the temperature is over 60 degrees, you're not really getting a gallon of gas. This fact has prompted some motorists to take big oil to court.

The lawsuits have been prompted over the smallest of numbers: about 3 to 9 cents a gallon. However, when you multiply that by the billions of gallons American autos consume and you're starting to talk about money in the hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Interesting that car emissions are supposed to be bringing about global warming and in turn are making gas even more profitable for big oil.

In case you thought the industry isn't aware of the problem or doesn't think it's a big deal, keep in mind that gasoline wholesalers make price adjustments for temperature when selling to retailers.

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