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Republicrat Joe Lieberman is calling for the U.S. to consider retaliation against Iran for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. He believes there is ample evidence of Iranian involvement in the killings and suggests we should retaliate.

It is interesting that Lieberman, who caucuses with the Democrats despite losing the democratic nomination over the issue of war, persists in beating the war drums.

What is more interesting still, is that he's probably right to be beating them. Iran is clearly fighting a proxy war against the U.S. in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem is that George W Bush lacks the moral authority to lead this nation into another war. To make matters worse, Iran will likely have a nuclear weapon before Bush leaves office.

The worst part of probably all this is that Iran was becoming a reasonably reformist nation before Washington attacked Iraq. Iranian president Ahmadenijad is likely only in power because of the Iraq war and is unlikely to lose it while nationalism runs so high.

At this point, it is unclear whether Iran will turn away from the nuclear path if the U.S. Withdraws its forces from Iraq, which is why, I'm sure, the Bush Administration feels it must remain there.

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