Leahy May Seek Bush Contempt Charge

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Following the White House's refusal to turn over documents related to its involvement in the firing of nine U.S. attorney's, Congress has issued subpoena's for the information. The White House, again this week, has refused to honor the subpoenas citing executive privilege.

Well, the story doesn't end there. There is news that Senator Patrick Leahy, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, plans to take the issue to court seeking enforcement of the subpoena. The case may out last the Bush presidency which would open the president up to criminal contempt charges once he is out of office. Asked if he was willing to seek contempt charges, Leahy had this to say:

"If they don't cooperate, yes, I'd go that far," Sen. Leahy said Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press. "This is very important to the American people."

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