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Former presidential candidate John Kerry has come forth accusing Mitt Romney of being the Flip-Flopper of the 2008 presidential election.

The Boston Herald has coverage of Kerry's comments:

“He’s changed on abortion, he’s changed on gay rights and he’s changed on marriage,” Kerry said. “He’s changed on guns and he’s changed on the war. That’s pretty significant. I think people are asking the question out there, ‘Who is he, really?’ ”

Rather than defend their candidate, a spokesman for Romney attacked Kerry instead:

“This is a textbook case of Freudian projection,” Eric Fehrnstrom said. “John Kerry is projecting his own undesirable traits onto other people. It’s a mild form of personality disorder. Usually, it’s not a cause for concern unless it shows up in a U.S. senator.”

There is clearly no love lost between the two Massachusetts politicians.

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