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After failing to secure cloture, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid withdrew the bill from consideration. The cloture vote went down 45-50 with most Republicans voting against cloture.

Despite being endorsed by president Bush, Republican senators voted inline with the desires of the radical right-wing of their base to oppose the bill.

Reid vowed to continue to work toward the bill's passage, and he called on the president to do more to secure the needed votes.

"This is the president's bill," Reid said. "... We can't do it alone over here. We need some help."

Despite the withdrawal of the bill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to beat on the dead horse by continuing to offer amendments to the bill. One would suppose that he wants to do as much damage to it as he can while he's got all his cats herded and the base behind him. No doubt this is why Reid pulled it back.


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