G8 Leaders Agree To Work On Climate Issues

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In place of the firm cuts sought this week by Germany, host of the G8 summit, the gathered leaders agreed to work collectively on a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "strong and early" action.

Of course, the U.S. Agreed in the past to seek an agreement on climate control and participated in the drafting of the Kyoto Protocol. The U.S. then refused to sign it.

I am frankly amazed that an organization like the BBC is willing to parrot talking points like this. Solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions isn't a mystery. We know what to do, we simply need to agree to do it.

Bush knows this issue is like a noose around his neck, the movement he's making keeps the U.S. from making any commitments until he's out of office. If he truly felt these changes were needed, wouldn't he try to nail something down before he leaves office? With 18 months to go, the guy's got to be thinking about his legacy, right?


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