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North Carolina has fined a driver $1,000 for using vegetable oil to power is 1981 Mercedes. Their reason: not paying taxes on motor fuel.

Bob Teixeira, a Charlotte, North Carolina musician decided he'd had enough of America's dependence on foreign oil. His solution, convert his diesel powered car to run on vegetable oil. The conversion cost him $1,200 and leaves him paying a 30% premium over his diesel fuel costs, but feels it's worth it.

The State of North Carolina requires that people pay a 29.9 cents per gallon tax on whatever they use to fuel their vehicle. Also, users of biofuels have to post a $2,500 bond for the privilege.

Mr. Teixeira was told to also expect a fine from the Federal authorities for another $1,000. Despite the fines, he plans to make himself legal by getting a bond and paying the taxes rather than switch back.

Personally, I think the state laws should be changed to encourage, rather than discourage, pursuit of alternative fuels. If the laws are different in your state, I'd love to hear about it. How about posting a comment below.

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