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After approving the latest spending bill, Democrats vowed to continue fighting the president over funding for the war in Iraq.

The next round of fighting will come in September as the Pentagon is expected to report back on the success of the "Surge." September is when the congress begins to look in earnest at the next year's budget.

One has to wonder whether Democrats had the votes to de-fund the war effort but are keeping the issue that brought them to power alive for the 2008 election cycle.

They refer to their campaign as a ratcheting of pressure on the president to change course -- something George W Bush has should little capacity for doing. It seems far more likely that the Democrats are savoring the moment and trying to capitalize on the association of the war with the GOP.

I just wish the Democrats weren't playing this kind of politics at the expense of service men.

If you think I'm misreading the issue, you're welcome to comment below.


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