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Highlighting deep philosophical differences between the Bush Administration and the majority of Americans, Congress has passed another bill expanding stem cell research. The bill faces a certain veto from president Bush.

The bill passed well short of the votes required to override a presidential veto, so this is really just a political exercise to remind Americans that there are differences between the two parties running for office in 2008.

In truth, I am uncertain how to feel about the issue. I believe that adult stem cells show more promise and have the benefit of skirting around the whole embryo issue. Conservatives, perhaps rightly so, fear a slippery slope where embryos are created just to be harvest for medical procedures. Moral issues aside, I think that that just cheapens human life to much. What do we do for a follow up? If you take it to an extreme, do we start to pour money into cloning so that we can grow spare copies to replace parts we've warn out.


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