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Earlier this week, as reported here, a Dutch Agency responsible for quantifying global greenhouse gas emissions identified China as the top emitter of CO2, passing the U.S. for the first time. China has come back with an official response.

Their largest rebuttal is the fact that developed nations like the U.S. Have outsourced much of their manufacturing to China. Manufacturing consumes a great deal of energy and results in significant emissions.

As we've reported, China lags well behind the developed world on a per capita basis. Their emissions are just a quarter of the U.S.'s emissions on a per capita basis.

The one statement in their rebuttal that I have a problem with is them claiming that developing nations should be exempt from curbs on greenhouse gas emissions. There is no reason that a developing nation needs to develop in an excessively polluting way. They know how to produce energy in ways that don't emit as much carbon, they simply choose not to, and that's wrong.

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