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In 1994, shortly after leaving office as Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney was asked to explain why president George H.W. Bush didn't move into Baghdad and topple Saddam. His response is quite informative given the current situation.

NewsMax, the right-wing nut job magazine, turned me onto this video now circulating on YouTube that shows Dick Cheney defending the decision not to occupy Iraq in the first Gulf War:

Some choice quotes:

"Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein's government, then what are you going to put in its place?"

"That's a very volatile part of the world, and if you take down the central government of Iraq, you could very easily end up seeing pieces of Iraq fly off: part of it, the Syrians would like to have to the west, part of it - eastern Iraq - the Iranians would like to claim, they fought over it for eight years.

In the north you've got the Kurds, and if the Kurds spin loose and join with the Kurds in Turkey, then you threaten the territorial integrity of Turkey.

It's a quagmire if you go that far and try to take over Iraq."

So, what's changed since the first gulf war? Well, for one thing, Cheney became CEO of Halliburton and still makes a tremendous amount of money off his stock options. Isn't War Profiteering a High Crime or Misdemeanor?

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