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Following the Hamas take over of Gaza, U.S. president George W Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have pledged to lift aid embargos and to provide other assistance to the Fatah government of Mahmoud Abbas which is being reconstituted in the West Bank. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has publicly denounced Bush's taking sides in the conflict saying that Hamas was properly elected to share power in the government.

Carter, known as a peace builder and election observer has stated in the past that the Palestinian elections that brought Hamas into power were conducted fairly and that the results should be respected. Hamas ran on a platform of routing out corruption in the Long established Fatah government started by Yassir Arafat.

What Bush and Olmert are doing is tantamount to interference in a civil war, perhaps instigating one, in fact. Israel has a lot to gain from this conflict and little to lose. That makes Olmert's motivation clear. Bush, has pledged on many occasions to defend Israel, letting his religious beliefs trump anything that might resemble a balanced middle-eastern view. Many Arab and Muslim countries are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. If Bush is responsible for instigating an all-out civil war in the territories, we will lose further allies in the Muslim world as a result.

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