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President Bush asked Congress in 2006 to approve the Military Commissions Act saying that it was urgently needed to give the CIA guidance on detention and interrogation techniques. A directive to the CIA outlining acceptable interrogation method was to follow, but hasn't. What's going on?

We discovered recently that people detained at Guantanamo as "unlawful enemy combatants" are being detained in a manner inconsistent with the new MCA which is the reason the courts order two of the prisoners freed, because they were U.S. citizens.

However, it is likely that the two men will not be freed because while the commissions that allowed the men to be detained indefinitely cannot be applied to American citizens, the new statute does allow indefinite detention of Americans. That is what was going on. That, along with shielding the administration from liability for unlawful detention, was the purpose of the bill. All the talk about protecting the CIA and giving them, and the world, a clear picture of our interrogation techniques, was just a ruse.

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