Immigration Brings RNC Funding To Its Knees

There is a grass-roots revolt underway in the Republican party spawned by the immigration debate in Congress. The fall of in donations has been sever enough that the RNC has closed its phone bank and let the staff go.

Senate: Intelligence Program Questionable

In an annual review of the nations intelligence services, a Senate panel has called into the question the CIA's infamous rendition program as well as its spending practices as it expands to face the growing intelligence demands.

The committee stopped short of actually withdrawing funding for the rendition program. Could that be considered a tacit Democratic endorsement?

Gore Rejects Bush Impeachment

With only a year and a half left in Bush's last term, Al Gore has called any effort to impeach Bush a waste of time and resources and questions whether there is enough of a consensus for such an effort to be successful.

Asked if he did enough in 2000, Gore said that he'd gone as far as he could short of violent revolution.

Bush Attempts G8 Distraction

After refusing to consider climate change proposals planned of the G8 summit next week, president George W Bush is now calling in the 15 largest polluter nations to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bush Wants Troops In Iraq Indefinitely

Likening a future role for the U.S. military in Iraq to the ongoing mission in South Korea, that has lasted over 50 years, the Bush Administration envisions keeping troops in Iraq indefinitely.

McCain Wrong To Oppose Net Neutrality

During the All Things Digital conference this week, John McCain was asked about Net Neutrality. His response, clearly against Net Neutrality shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue.

Obama Promises Health Care For All

First-Term Senator and Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, is promising to sign a law granting universal health care into law by the end of his first term has president. The estimated annual cost of $50-65 billion would come mostly from allowing some of Bush's tax cuts to expire and repealing some other tax cuts put in place by the Republican congress.

Zoellick Another PNAC Neoconservative Hack

Today president Bush nominated Robert Zoellick to replace Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank. Both men, along with Donald Rumsfeld, James Woolsey, and Richard Armitage were signatories to an open letter to president Clinton in 1998 seeking an American invasion of Iraq.

Sales Tax Coming To An Internet Near You

For the past six years, the States have been lobbying Congress to pass legislation to have Sales Tax collected on online purchases. Such measures have failed each year, but this year looks different.

Project Censored: 25 Stories Kept Out Of The News

Project Censored is a news site that reports stories that have been kept out of the news for whatever reason.

U.S. Rejects G8 Climate Proposals

Ahead of the G8 Summit, Germany has proposed some tough measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. has squarely rejected.

Al Gore Derides Blurring Of Line Between News And Entertainment

During a book tour appearance, former Vice President Al Gore attacked the media's obsession with 'trivialities and nonsense'.

Congress Passes Minimum Wage Increase In War Bill

Buried in the Iraq War Funding Bill, a practice I strongly disagree with, was a measure to raise the Federal Minimum Wage.

Democrats Dragging Out Fight To End War

After approving the latest spending bill, Democrats vowed to continue fighting the president over funding for the war in Iraq.

Bush Backs Big Oil In Fight With House

As the House of Representatives considers a bill to penalize price gouging at the pump, the White House has come out with a statement that it will veto any such measure.

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