Catholics Asked Not To Give To Amnesty International

The Vatican has called on all Catholics to cease giving donations to Amnesty International after a recent policy change by the organization.

Democrats Plan More Iraq Hurdles

While admitting that the Democratic party promised more than it could deliver when it said it would end the war, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went on to say that Democrats are working through a series of options to reign in the president on Iraq ahead of the September deadline for a crucial report on the progress of the war.

Smart Growth vs Suburban Sprawl

There is a growing battle for the future of development in the U.S. That battle is over whether suburban sprawl should continue ever onward into the sunset or should we consider what anti-sprawl advocates call "Smart Growth."

Military Commissions Act a Ruse?

President Bush asked Congress in 2006 to approve the Military Commissions Act saying that it was urgently needed to give the CIA guidance on detention and interrogation techniques. A directive to the CIA outlining acceptable interrogation method was to follow, but hasn't. What's going on?

Early Survey Finds Weird Support For Candidates

The top choice for Republicans who think the Iraq war is a mistake: John McCain, a war hawk. The candidate with the most support from church-goers: Mitt Romney, a mormon. A new USA Today poll has collected some seriously weird survey results in gauging peoples attitudes about the election so far.

Lieberman Calls For Attacks On Iran

Republicrat Joe Lieberman is calling for the U.S. to consider retaliation against Iran for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. He believes there is ample evidence of Iranian involvement in the killings and suggests we should retaliate.

Bush Commits To Passage Of Immigration Bill

Expressing his concern that the Immigration bill is stalled in Congress, president George W Bush committed to work to get the bill passed upon his return from overseas.

Bloomberg's Green Apple

In recent weeks, New York City's Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has put forth some astoundingly progressive proposals seeking to reduce the city's greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

Four More Years Of Putin?

The Russian constitution bars presidents from serving more than two consecutive terms in office but does not prevent a president from sitting out a term and then coming back. There is some speculation that Putin may do just that.

Passport Restrictions Eased Temporarily

As the reality sets in that new passport restrictions are seriously inconveniencing travelers this summer, the Bush Administration has temporarily suspended those restrictions. The suspension will last until the end of September and allows Americans to fly to and from Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean without a passport.

Democratic Proposal Would Raise Taxes For Richest

The politically tone-deaf Democratic house leadership may be seeking to raise taxes by 4.3% on the wealthy as part of a plan to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Immigration Bill Dead, For Now

After failing to secure cloture, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid withdrew the bill from consideration. The cloture vote went down 45-50 with most Republicans voting against cloture.

Congress Sends Stem Cell Bill To Certain Veto

Highlighting deep philosophical differences between the Bush Administration and the majority of Americans, Congress has passed another bill expanding stem cell research. The bill faces a certain veto from president Bush.

Immigration Compromise In Jeopardy

Early this morning, the Senate voted 49-48 to amend the legislation to put a five-year sunset on the guest worker program portion of the compromise. Given the uncertainty that would give employers who hire anyone but seasonal workers, it is the equivalent of removing the program.

GOP Senators Push Bush Toward Bipartisan War Effort

Several months after its release and casual dismissal by the president, several GOP senators are urging the president to reconsider the recommendations of the report authored by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

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