Giuliani Two-Faced About Gun Control

Former NY Mayor and Republican presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, is coming under fire about his stance(s) on gun control. As major of NY, he was a staunch advocate of control. Now, in an effort to capture the republican nomination, he's changing his tune.

Iraq Missing Key Benchmarks Set By Bush and Congress

As the Bush Administration prepares to report to Congress on the progress of the war effort, they are scrambling to put a silver lining on the increasingly dark cloud that is the Iraqi government's inability to function.

Court Restricts Wiretapping Suits

In a split decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that you cannot sue the government over illegal wiretapping unless you can prove that you were personally effected by it. That appears to leave out everyone but Wendell Belew, a D.C. attorney who was accidentally handed a copy of his surveillance record in 2004.

Fred Thompson Spied For Nixon During Watergate Hearings

During the Watergate Hearings, Fred Thompson was the Republican minority counsel for the hearings and, it turns out, a spy within the hearings for the Nixon Administration.

Trade War With China Coming?

Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have endorsed legislation calling for punitive trade tariffs on Chinese goods if the Chinese do not revalue their currency.

More Republicans Desert Iraq War

Rep John Doolittle and Sen. Pete Domenici have joined the growing ranks of Republicans fed up with the course of the war in Iraq.

In Fundraising, Republicans Trail, McCain On The Ropes

Second quarter fundraising disclosures for the three leading candidates from each party show the Republicans will behind the Democrats in total donation dollars.

Lieberman Says Iran Has Declared War

Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has issued a statement saying that he believes that Iran has declared war on the U.S. He cites a report from the American Forces Press Service regarding Iran's involvement in the Iraqi insurgency as his justification.

Leahy May Seek Bush Contempt Charge

Following the White House's refusal to turn over documents related to its involvement in the firing of nine U.S. attorney's, Congress has issued subpoena's for the information. The White House, again this week, has refused to honor the subpoenas citing executive privilege.

Would An Impeachment Of Cheney Allow Bush To Create An Incumbent?

Under the U.S. Constitution, president George W Bush is not allowed to seek a third term. Current vice president Dick Cheney has said he will not run. This leaves the country with an incumbent free presidential election for the first time since Coolidge refused to seek re-election in 1928. Replacing Cheney, through impeachment or resignation, could give the Republicans an incumbent in the 2008 presidential election.

List Of Reps To Impeach Cheney Grows To Eleven

The list of Democratic sponsors on a bill by Dennis Kucinich seeking to impeach vice president Dick Cheney has grown to eleven with the addition of Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington State.

Warren Buffett Wants Change In The Tax System

Taxed at a rate of just 17.7 per cent, Warren Buffett's legal rate is almost half that of most of his employees. He thinks that that is unfair and that Congress should correct the discrepancy.

Congress Serves White House Over Wiretapping

After months of requesting information from the Administration regarding the controversial domestic wire-tapping program, both houses of Congress have issued actual subpoenas to several sources within the White House and other parts of the Bush Administration seeking answers.

Seventy Per Cent Opposed To Iraq War

With a significant rise in negative numbers amongst Republicans, the percentage of people who say they support the war in Iraq has fallen to an all-time low of 30%. The chorus of critics in the Senate has gained the voices of two prominent Republicans.

Lobbyist For President?

Would you vote for a presidential candidate that has made over a million dollars lobbying Congress? How about a candidate who's campaign staff is top heavy with Phillip Morris insiders? Or, a candidate who did considerable lobbying on behalf of insurance companies fighting asbestos claims?

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