Edwards Critical Of Rivals Accepting Money From Murdoch's News Corp

Focused particularly on Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate John Edwards called on his political rivals to return any contributions received from News Corp, parent company of right-wing mouth piece FOXNews.

Impeachments Of Cheney And Gonzales Gain Momentum

Resolutions to impeach vice-president Cheney, H Res 333, and attorney general Gonzales, H Res 589, are gaining co-sponsors with each passing day.

Time: Bush Needs Gonzales To Avoid Prosecutors

Time magazine has an interesting take on the continuing saga that is the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' tenure.

Martial Law In The U.S.?

Since 9/11, several major hurdles to martial law inside the United States have been removed by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. All that really remains at this point is an excuse.

Congress Passes Bill Implementing Anti-Terror Recommendations Of The 9/11 Commission

The house passed a similar bill on its first day back in January and have now managed to get enough Republican Senators on board to send the bill to the president.

Passenger Data System To Track Religion And Sex Life

The Unites States and the European Commission are close to establishing a system to share passenger data that goes way beyond the usual name, address, etc.

Congress Alleges Illegal Activity During And After Attorney Firings

As the House Judiciary Committee prepares to seek formal contempt charges against current and past administration officials, they have released a report detailing specific accusations of misconduct and outright illegal activity in relation to the firing of nine U.S. attorneys and the subsequent effort to cover-up the mess.

FDR's Four Freedoms - Then and Now

During his January 6th, 1941 State of the Union address, Franklin D. Roosevelt laid out four fundamental freedoms that should be enjoyed "everywhere in the world": Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of every person to worship in his own way, Freedom from want; and Freedom from fear. It is interesting to contrast these notions given in a speech as America was watching the world become increasingly engulfed in a world war that would draw in the U.S. by years end with the current "war on terror."

Training Them There So We Can Fight Them Here

Of the many tent poles used to justify the invasion of Iraq, the last one standing was Bush's assertion that by fighting terrorists in Iraq, we won't have to fight them here. Well, a new National Intelligence Estimate kicks over the last tent pole.

Contempt Meet Disdain

As Congress threatens to hold current and past Administration officials in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify, the Bush Administration is threatening to order the Justice Department to simply ignore the contempt citations.

Texas Border Wall To Begin Construction

As early as this fall, the U.S. may begin building the border wall approved by the Republican congress last year -- even if eminent domain has to be used to seize some of the land it is to be built on.

Patent Reform Moves Backwards

The house judiciary committee has approved legislation to reform the U.S. patent system. Much of what is being proposed is unlikely to make the system any better, however.

Duplicitous Republican Senators Face 2008 Battle

Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic point man for steering the successful Democratic Senatorial election efforts in 2006 and the upcoming election in 2008, believes that they can make the Republicans who talk against the war but vote for it pay with their jobs in the 2008 election.

Justice Department Working To Shrink Voter Rolls

In another case of the Department of Justice selectively enforcing laws comes a tale of disenfranchisement of voters. The Justice Department's Voting Section is pressuring ten states to purge "ineligible" voters from their rolls. At the same time, the same body refuses to compel the states to enforce new laws that require people applying for social services be given an opportunity to register to vote.

Kerry Calls Romney The Real Flip-Flopper

Former presidential candidate John Kerry has come forth accusing Mitt Romney of being the Flip-Flopper of the 2008 presidential election.

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