Massive Attack On Iran Prepared

According to a recent study, the United States has prepared a massive assault on targets in Iran of both a nuclear and non-nuclear nature.

North Korea Shuts Reactor, Seeks End To Sanctions

North Korea has shutdown its one operational nuclear reactor after having received an oil shipment for South Korea. U.N. inspectors are expected to verify the shutdown soon.

Iran Two-Three Years From Bomb

According to the former head of Israel's Military Intelligence Research Division, Iran is "very close" to being able to enrich Uranium at an industrial level which would give them enough bomb material in 2-3 years.

Lieberman Calls For Attacks On Iran

Republicrat Joe Lieberman is calling for the U.S. to consider retaliation against Iran for the killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. He believes there is ample evidence of Iranian involvement in the killings and suggests we should retaliate.

Putin Asks To Be Included In Missile Defense

Russian president Vladimir Putin offered to take back his objections to the U.S. planned missile defense shield provided it protects "all of Europe" and that it be placed in Azerbaijan instead of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Bush To Snub Putin

U.S. president George W Bush, seemingly immune to diplomatic subtlety, will be meeting with Vladimir Putin as part of the G8 summit this week and then will proceed to Poland and the Czech Republic for meetings about his planned missile shield. This after a political firestorm has erupted over Russian missile testing and the targeting of European cities/bases by Russian missiles.

Putin: Russia To Aim Missiles At Europe

In response to U.S. plans to setup a missile shield to protect Europe, Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia will return to the cold war stance of targeting Europe with missiles.

Russia Testing Missiles To Beat U.S. Missile Shield

The Russian government is testing new missiles that they boast will penetrate the planned U.S. missile defense shield planned to protect Eastern Europe from Iranian missiles. Russia scoffs at that claim saying that the shield undermines the balance of power in Europe and will make the region a powder keg.

Iran Rejects U.N. Demands

Iran has formally rejected U.N. demands that it cease its enrichment activities. The world has been offering Iran incentives on the condition that Iran cease enrichment and sanctions if it does not.

China Continues To Ramp Up Military Spending, Nuclear Arsenal

The Chinese have been increasing their defense spending by double digit percentages for more than a decade (and that's the spending we can see.) They have been building an arsenal of modern weapons and forces with plans that western militaries are having a difficult time ascertaining.

Headlines (5/15/2007)

Bloody Monday. Paul McNulty wasn't the only resignation to hit the Bush Administration Monday: Lanny Davis, the only Democrat on the so-called "civil liberties watchdog board", resigned from the board over allegations of White House tampering with the board's agenda and statements.

Lieberman Helps Collect Cash for Collins. In case you're wondering why this is news, Collins is a Republican.

Tenet Agrees To Cooperate With Congressional Investigation Into Niger Fraud. Of particular interest to the committee is how the "evidence" made it into the State of the Union over CIA protests.

Atomic Agency Concludes Iran Is Stepping Up Nuclear Work.

North Korean Diplomat Makes Vague Threat Of War

Buried in this Reuters story, a North Korean diplomat makes an interesting statement:

"These kinds of threats of nuclear war and tensions and pressure by the United States compel us to conduct a nuclear test," North Korean embassy spokesman Pak Myong Guk told Reuters in Canberra.

"Now the situation around the Korean peninsula is very tense," Pak said. "It may be breaking out (in) a war at any time, I think."

No Sign Of Iran Ceasing Enrichment

Secretary of State Rice, in a CNN interview had these observations about Iran's cooperation with the international community's demands that they cease their efforts to enrich uranium.

"I think it's fair to say that we have not yet heard anything that suggests the Iranians are going to suspend," Rice said. "In fact, you've probably have seen the statements to the contrary from the Iranian President."

The U.N. Security Council passed resolution 1696 to demand that Iran put a stop to its nuclear ambitions or face the threat of sanctions. The deadline under the resolution was August 31st.

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