Supreme Court Opens Door To Price Fixing

The Supreme Court, in a typically 5-4 decision, has reversed a 96 year old rule that disallows manufacturers from dictating retail pricing. The decision is expected to have a wide effect on consumers.

Warren Buffett Wants Change In The Tax System

Taxed at a rate of just 17.7 per cent, Warren Buffett's legal rate is almost half that of most of his employees. He thinks that that is unfair and that Congress should correct the discrepancy.

Congress Serves White House Over Wiretapping

After months of requesting information from the Administration regarding the controversial domestic wire-tapping program, both houses of Congress have issued actual subpoenas to several sources within the White House and other parts of the Bush Administration seeking answers.

China Closes 180 Food Factories

In the face of world-wide criticism of its product safety record, China closed 180 food plants that make candy, pickles, crackers and seafood due to problems in the manufacturing process.

Study Says Rumsfeld's Aspartame (NutraSweet) Causes Cancer

You might want to put down that diet soda before reading any further.

Much loathed former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld also has the dubious distinction of being the man running a pharmaceutical company called Searle, the creators of Aspartame, or NutraSweet, when the FDA approved it. Now, a new Italian study suggests that Aspartame causes cancer in lab rats.

Seventy Per Cent Opposed To Iraq War

With a significant rise in negative numbers amongst Republicans, the percentage of people who say they support the war in Iraq has fallen to an all-time low of 30%. The chorus of critics in the Senate has gained the voices of two prominent Republicans.

Some Iraqi Insurgents Actually Iranian Military

The Sun in the UK is reporting that elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been seen entering Iraq and are believed responsible for bombings that have killed some British soldiers.

Afghanistan Has Record Opium Crop

Another tangible non-benefit of the War On Terror has been the dramatic rise in opium in Afghanistan. 2006 brought a record 6,700 tons of it, or 92 per cent of the world 7,300 tons total production. Much of this production is helping heroine supplant other drugs, like cannabis, as the drug of choice.

Lobbyist For President?

Would you vote for a presidential candidate that has made over a million dollars lobbying Congress? How about a candidate who's campaign staff is top heavy with Phillip Morris insiders? Or, a candidate who did considerable lobbying on behalf of insurance companies fighting asbestos claims?

First Born Children Smarter? Try To Tell Matilda That!

A new study, released today, shows that first born children have IQs 3-4% better than their siblings. Meanwhile, a curiously times story from the U.K. of two year old Matilda who is the fifth born in her family, and, oh yeah, a member of Mensa with a 152 IQ.

Given Rising Food Prices and Ethanol Demand, Do We Still Need Farm Subsidies?

Every five years, Congress must renew the legislation that provides subsidies to farmers. One has to wonder, given the election climate, if any serious consideration will be given to overhauling the system in the light of rising demand for Ethanol?

China Responds To CO2 Report

Earlier this week, as reported here, a Dutch Agency responsible for quantifying global greenhouse gas emissions identified China as the top emitter of CO2, passing the U.S. for the first time. China has come back with an official response.

Guantanamo Closure Decision Near?

While the administration denies it plans to close Guantanamo any time in the near future, the AP reports that a decision to do just that is coming soon.

Vice President Cheney Claims Office Not Part Of Executive Branch, Exempt From Presidential Orders

Even in the face of Cheney's office's involvement in the leaking of information related to national security, such as the Valerie Plame incident, vice president Cheney has exempted his office from complying with a presidential order that sets out procedures for the safe handling of national security information.

Organized Labor Split On Immigration Bill

Some labor unions hope to gain membership from the millions of workers likely to become citizens under the bill while others are concerned about having to compete with guest workers who may not be afforded the same protections as their American counterparts.