Two-Thirds Of Voters Believe Iraq War Creating Terrorists

A recent poll conducted by the Aspen Institute documents just how far off course American voters believe the country to be including the 2/3 who believe that the war in Iraq is producing, not stopping, terrorists.

Giuliani Two-Faced About Gun Control

Former NY Mayor and Republican presidential candidate, Rudolph Giuliani, is coming under fire about his stance(s) on gun control. As major of NY, he was a staunch advocate of control. Now, in an effort to capture the republican nomination, he's changing his tune.

Iraq Missing Key Benchmarks Set By Bush and Congress

As the Bush Administration prepares to report to Congress on the progress of the war effort, they are scrambling to put a silver lining on the increasingly dark cloud that is the Iraqi government's inability to function.

Flight Delays More Common Than Reported

Sitting on the tarmac for hours may be far more common than the airline industry lets on.

Questionable Science On James Taranto's 'Best of the Web'

James Taranto, the extreme right-wing Wall Street Journal pundit responsible for the 'Best of the Web' column has a knack for being selective in his commentary if it helps him score quick points with his conservative readers. In an attack yesterday on Al Gore, Taranto made a significant slip-up in his rush to smear Gore's reputation.

Will Gas Prices Drop Soon In U.S.?

While U.S. gas prices hover just under record highs, U.S. oil stocks are now at their highest point in nine years. Can we expect to see a drop in gas prices?

Sprint Drops Customers For Excessive Support Calls

Part of a disturbing trend in American business, Sprint has decided to drop over 1,000 customers for calling their support center too much.

Court Restricts Wiretapping Suits

In a split decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that you cannot sue the government over illegal wiretapping unless you can prove that you were personally effected by it. That appears to leave out everyone but Wendell Belew, a D.C. attorney who was accidentally handed a copy of his surveillance record in 2004.

Pollution Causes 500,000 Deaths A Year In China

A study conducted by China's environmental agency has concluded that pollution contributes to widespread unrest, riots, and over 500,000 deaths a year.

Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Estimated

On the heals of last years estimate of 650,000 deaths in Iraq through July, 2006 comes a new study that puts the death toll at close to one million.

Fred Thompson Spied For Nixon During Watergate Hearings

During the Watergate Hearings, Fred Thompson was the Republican minority counsel for the hearings and, it turns out, a spy within the hearings for the Nixon Administration.

Trade War With China Coming?

Democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have endorsed legislation calling for punitive trade tariffs on Chinese goods if the Chinese do not revalue their currency.

More Republicans Desert Iraq War

Rep John Doolittle and Sen. Pete Domenici have joined the growing ranks of Republicans fed up with the course of the war in Iraq.

Going Green Becoming Big Business

As governments fiddle while the Earth burns, businesses have begun to set their minds to profiting from going green.

Motorists Hot Over Hot Fuel

Like all liquids, gasoline expands as the temperature gets hotter. Gas pumps in the U.S. measure a gallon of gas at 60 degrees F. When the temperature is over 60 degrees, you're not really getting a gallon of gas. This fact has prompted some motorists to take big oil to court.