Run On Banks Begins

In response to reports of a shaky future for Countrywide Financial, people with money deposited there are crowding into the bank to withdraw their funds.

GOP Used Tax Dollars To Boost Campaigns

In a possible violation of the Hatch Act, the Bush Administration used federal funds to boost efforts to elect Republican candidates in key battleground states.

Hurricane Season Gets Rolling, New Orleans Still At Risk

Hurricane Dean is churning through the Caribbean on its way to the Western Gulf. With a small change in forecasted path, it could be another direct hit on New Orleans. Meanwhile, a new report shows that two-years on, much of New Orleans is still at risk.

Couple Wins $80,000 Over Anti-Bush Shirts

A Texas couple who were removed from a July 4th rally for wearing anti-bush t-shirts settled their lawsuit with the federal government for $80,000.

Cheney Knew Iraq Would Be Quagmire

In 1994, shortly after leaving office as Defense Secretary, Dick Cheney was asked to explain why president George H.W. Bush didn't move into Baghdad and topple Saddam. His response is quite informative given the current situation.

Edwards Critical Of Rivals Accepting Money From Murdoch's News Corp

Focused particularly on Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate John Edwards called on his political rivals to return any contributions received from News Corp, parent company of right-wing mouth piece FOXNews.

Pentagon Agrees: al Qaeda Will Not Take Iraq In U.S. Withdrawal

Pentagon war games confirm what was reported here two weeks ago: al Qaeda will not take over in Iraq if the U.S. leaves. This is in direct contradiction to Bush's claims to the contrary.

Pakistan Approaching Civil War

Following last months debacle at the Red Mosque where government troops killed one hundred people, there have been mass protests, riots, and suicide bombings destabilizing the portions of the country the military controls.

Impeachments Of Cheney And Gonzales Gain Momentum

Resolutions to impeach vice-president Cheney, H Res 333, and attorney general Gonzales, H Res 589, are gaining co-sponsors with each passing day.

Pentagon Sells Aircraft Parts Only Iran Could Use

This past February, despite orders to the contrary, the Pentagon sold over 1,400 F-14 parts at public sale as part of their surplus program. The only military in the world to use those planes is Iran.

Time: Bush Needs Gonzales To Avoid Prosecutors

Time magazine has an interesting take on the continuing saga that is the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' tenure.

Martial Law In The U.S.?

Since 9/11, several major hurdles to martial law inside the United States have been removed by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. All that really remains at this point is an excuse.

The Healthcare Economy

America spends $2 trillion a year on health care, or $6,666 per man, woman, and child in this country. Meanwhile, a new study suggests that the only meaningful growth in jobs between 2001 and 2006 was in Health Care. Have we become dependent on a broken system for economic survival?

While Americans Surge, Brits Prepare Withdrawal

The American build-up in Baghdad is reaching its peak, and the effects couldn't be more devastating. Meanwhile, in Southern Iraqi city of Basra, British forces are preparing to withdraw from the city center handing control over to the locals.

Congress Passes Bill Implementing Anti-Terror Recommendations Of The 9/11 Commission

The house passed a similar bill on its first day back in January and have now managed to get enough Republican Senators on board to send the bill to the president.