Congress Sends Stem Cell Bill To Certain Veto

Highlighting deep philosophical differences between the Bush Administration and the majority of Americans, Congress has passed another bill expanding stem cell research. The bill faces a certain veto from president Bush.

Putin Asks To Be Included In Missile Defense

Russian president Vladimir Putin offered to take back his objections to the U.S. planned missile defense shield provided it protects "all of Europe" and that it be placed in Azerbaijan instead of Poland and the Czech Republic.

G8 Leaders Agree To Work On Climate Issues

In place of the firm cuts sought this week by Germany, host of the G8 summit, the gathered leaders agreed to work collectively on a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "strong and early" action.

Iran Arming Taliban Fighters

Further evidence has come to light that Iran is indeed fighting a proxy war against the United States and Britain in Afghanistan (and, no doubt, Iraq as well).

Immigration Compromise In Jeopardy

Early this morning, the Senate voted 49-48 to amend the legislation to put a five-year sunset on the guest worker program portion of the compromise. Given the uncertainty that would give employers who hire anyone but seasonal workers, it is the equivalent of removing the program.

GOP Senators Push Bush Toward Bipartisan War Effort

Several months after its release and casual dismissal by the president, several GOP senators are urging the president to reconsider the recommendations of the report authored by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

Surgeon General Nominee Considers Gays Unnatural

Dr James Holsinger, president Bush's nominee for Surgeon General, has an established track record, including writings, stating a belief that gays are unnatural and that gay sex is unhealthy.

Surge Not Fully Effective Until Just Before Report Due

The troop surge in Iraq is not scheduled to be fully deployed and effective until just a few weeks before Gen. David Petraeus is scheduled to tell Congress and the president whether the surge is working. There is some debate as to whether the offer of reporting in September is disingenuous on the part of the administration.

Cheney Interfered In Justice Department Over Wiretapping Issue

According to the written testimony of James Comey, vice president Cheney's office and Cheney himself, waded into the Justice Department's internal struggles over the legality of the domestic wiretapping program. It is further alleged that Cheney blocked the promotion of a justice department lawyer responsible for the dissent.

Turkey Invades Iraq

Turkey has sent thousands of troops across the border into Iraq to chase Kurdish fighters. The international community had asked them not to do so. It is unclear what the response will be.

Fragile Immigration Deal Facing Killer Amendments In Senate Votes

Several key provisions of the bi-partisan immigration deal are under assault from amendments being considered in the Senate this week.

Ron Paul: It Had To Do With Oil

Maverick Republican candidate, Representative Ron Paul of Texas, announced his belief that U.S. intervention in the Gulf, particularly Iraq, is about protecting the interests of the oil industry. He went on to criticize the tax breaks and other subsidies the U.S. gives to the oil industry.

Republican Candidates Considering Libby Pardon

Several candidates in the Republican field are considering a pardon for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who was sentenced this week to 30 months for perjuring himself during the Valerie Plame / CIA leak case.

Canada Moves To Ban Terminator Genes

The practice in question is creation of genetically modified seeds that will produce a crop that is seedless. Canada is looking to join India and Brazil in banning such a practice.

iPhone To Be Open Platform?

During a Q & A session at the D conference, Steve Jobs has gone on record reversing months of statements by saying that Apple is working to make the platform accessible to 3rd Party Developers.