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Whenever you pull together a team for a meeting, the cost of that meeting can be substantial. Eight people in a conference room for an hour is a whole day worth of potentially lost productivity. You need to take steps to ensure that the investment made is worth it.

Keep Track of the Action Items

If it was worth calling a meeting to decide to do something, which we’ll call an “Action Item,” it’s worth making a record of it. While you’re recording your Action Item, consider whether it should have a due date, and make sure you describe it clearly enough that it’ll make sense later.

Assign Action Items

There is little point in having Action Items and not designating someone responsible for their completion. That “Single Responsible Person” may be leading a team, or working solo; but, it’s important to have an individual, an SRP, responsible to whom you can go for answers.

Follow Up

“Delegation without follow-thru is counter-productive.” There is nothing worse than deciding on an Action Item, assigning it to a Single Responsible Person, and then never closing the loop to see that the Action Item gets completed. It’s best to have a mechanism in place to track your Action Items so you can see at a glance their status.


We’ve created an online application (both browser and iPhone/iPad) to help you make your meetings matter. With SRP App, you create meetings, invite attendees, create Action Items, and assign those Action Items to the Single Responsible Person. After the meeting, receive status updates on Action Items across all meetings in real time.

SRP App is free, so give it a try today!


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