Headlines (5/18/2007)

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Today's headlines are a mixed bag of political, business, and environmental news. Some good, some bad, some just more of the same:

Google wins part of nude-photo suit. This is a victory for search engines and fair use. It's not all great news however, as the court is still deciding whether Google can link to a website without permission.

Scientists cast doubt on Kennedy bullet analysis. A new look at old evidence debunks the single-shooter theory of the assassination. Please, please, no one tell Oliver Stone.

Deal May Legalize Millions of Immigrants. Much to the chagrin of the border-control crowd I suspect. If you're wondering whether it's a good plan, consider that people at both ends of the spectrum hate it. That's a victory for the silent majority.

Dems Seek No-Confidence Vote on Gonzales. More symbolic nothing from Congress. Just impeach him and be done with it. This isn't even about firings anymore, by the way. The man badgered the previous Attorney General, John Ashcroft, while he was in intensive care, to authorize the illegal wiretapping without FISA on behalf of the president.

Rapid rise in global warming is forecast. As oceans run out of capacity to soak up carbon, global warming will accelerate according to a new study.

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