Exercise and Fitness

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I've never been a big fan of exercise unless it involves actually accomplishing something. Getting some exercise cleaning, ok. Riding a stationary bike, not ok.

But, in today's electronic world, how does one get enough exercise to stay fit. I don't have farm chores to keep me fit. I sit at a desk and do programming all day long.

To make matters worse, there are suggestions now that cardio workouts (i.e., exercises that raise your heart rate) do burn some calories, but they're no where near as effective as strength training if you want to lose weight.

I can appreciate the irony of buying weights to lose weight; but, to me, lifting weights is the worst form of do-nothing exercise there is -- and it's negative reinforcement. Everything about lifting weights screams STOP DOING THIS. It hurts while you're doing it, and it hurts after you do it.

Exercise reminds me of a classic joke: It's not clear if exercise extends your life or just makes it seem longer.