Further Thoughts On Organization

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When you simply have too many things, it is difficult to deal with the sentimental attachment to some of the items. Asking your partner to part with cherished belongings is not an option.

So, how do you handle the situation when you simply don't have enough space for your belongings. Storage, while expensive, may be the only option.

I have led a mostly gypsy lifestyle, carrying a limited number of possessions with me from place to place. My partner, while living in apartments most of her life, has been acquiring possessions in preparation for owning a house. This is, perhaps, the greatest difference between the two of us, and one I am determined to overcome.

I believe that until we get a house, we simply have to bite the bullet and find someplace to store the balance of the items. Storage units can be expensive, but I think that that is our only option.

However, some math I haven't done troubles me. How long would we have to have possessions in storage before it would be cheaper to replace them when we buy a house. Hmmm.....