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As of yesterday, 3/21/2007, the United States Senate has had 88 Roll Call votes. The six presidential candidates holding senate seats have missed a total of 101 votes between them.

Perhaps some of these candidates consider the responsibility of their current job a hindrance to their aspirations, but do we really want a president who doesn't take their responsibilities seriously.

Here's the tally of missed votes by candidate:

27 Brownback, Samuel - R
25 McCain, John - R
22 Biden, Joseph - D
22 Dodd, Christopher - D
  3 Obama, Barack - D
  2 Clinton, Hillary - D

In tallying these absences, I was surprised by the disparity between Clinton/Obama and the rest of the crowd. Clinton and Obama have both received a tremendous amount of press coverage of them at campaign stops, and yet they managed to be present for all but a few votes.

If you think that Harry Reid has been juggling the scheduling of votes to engineer fewer absences for democratic candidates, consider the substantial absences of Sens. Biden and Dodd.

The source linked below contains one page per roll call vote. Please take the time to look at the bills that are important to you, and look to see which candidates even bothered to show up to vote.


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