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Turing attention away from the Bush Administration and its obsession with warmongering, we report on the growing unrest in Guinea.

Guinea was a French Colony until it was unceremoniously abandoned in 1958. Since then, they have had only two presidents. The government there is widely considered corrupt and the people are amongst the poorest in Africa.

In December, two person friends of the president were arrested and charged with embezzling $2.6 million in public funds. In response, the president, Lansana Conté, entered the jail and freed the two men.

Civil unrest has been rising steadily since that incident:

Since that December day, Guinea has been racked by rising unrest. Strikes, riots and a brutal military crackdown have killed scores of people in the past month and crippled the country’s already feeble economy. The president declared martial law on Feb. 12, and the situation has reached a smoldering stalemate, with growing calls for Mr. Conté to step down.


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