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As has previously been discussed on, the Bush Administration has put the U.S. military on a collision course with Iran. What is new is estimates of how soon the attack could come. Quoting the Gaurdian:

The present military build-up in the Gulf would allow the US to mount an attack by the spring.

The Administration claims the build up of naval and air forces, including the deployment of a second carrier group, is meant to contain Iran and force its hand diplomatically.

I have suggested here, in the recent past, that the build up is more about shielding other interests in the gulf from repercussions of an Israeli strike on Tehran's nuclear facilities.

The Guardian does, however, make a compelling case for war plans citing the administration's unhealthy affinity for the neo-conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, which is responsible for such memorable administration blunders as the "Axis of Evil" phrase and the current troop surge. They are desperate to see air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities and have been working from both within and without the administration since 1992 to see regime change in Iran.


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