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After a break of over 20 years, Iraq and Syria have agreed to establish full diplomatic ties. It is hoped that this agreement will lead to greater cooperation in securing the border between the two countries.

This news is likely part of a general political initiative between Iraq, Syria and Iran that will culminate in a summit between the three parties this coming weekend.

Such a summit can only be good news for the Iraqi government as it may signal an acceptance on the part of Syria and Iran that the government is legitimate and that they will have to deal with it.

The United States is, of course, skeptical of dealing with Syria and Iran. The U.S. continues to pursue sanctions against Iran for its nuclear activities, calling it part of an "Axis of Evil." The U.S. also has problematic relations with Syria over its ongoing fight with Israel.

Exposed as the U.S. is in Iraq, to begin to negotiate with Syria and Iran over the security of Iraq would no doubt lead to demands by those nations of reduced belligerence on the part of the Bush Administration -- something that seems unlikely to occur.


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