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With George Allen's concession today, the Democrats now have a 51-49 majority in the Senate (thanks to both Independents caucusing with them.)

The story behind the story, however, is the popular vote. If you combine the votes from all Senate races, here's how the votes break by party:

Democrat: 32,485,800 (55.14%)
Republican: 24,999,263 (42.43%)
Other: 1,430,727 (2.43%)

55% to 42% is a substantial margin. Despite the narrowest of margins in the seat count, I believe the Democrats could claim a mandate based on these numbers.

In regards to the house, I think the swing of 25+ seats is more than enough to claim a mandate as well. I would give combined vote totals for the house, but that is 435 races (compared with a modest 33 totaled above for the senate. If anyone wants to add them up, feel free to post them in the comments below.

I would expect the house numbers to be somewhat close to the breakdown of the house itself as each district should represent about the same number of people. If I find an aggregate, or break down and enter it into excel myself, I will update this story accordingly.

View these numbers differently? You're welcome to comment below.

In this circumstance, the source cited below is for the raw numbers. I have not found anyone reporting the aggregate numbers in either the house or senate. The analysis and commentary here is mine.


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