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Today's news bring us Rumsfeld's long overdue resignation, Hastert's decision not to seek a leadership role in the next congress, and Tester's victory in Montana.

The Senate comes down to Virginia. As of this moment, Webb, the democrat, is ahead by 7,262 votes. It is unclear how many are left to be counted and from where. Hopefully, Allen will do the country a favor and concede the election rather than risk ruining his political career being a sore loser (at least that's the advice republicans kept giving Gore in 2000).

Using CNNs stats, here's how the race currently stands:

Senate: D-50, R-49, 1 undecided
House: D-229, R-196, 10 undecided
Govs: D-28, R-21, 1 undecided

If we take the current leader in undecided races it breaks down as follows:

Senate: D-51, R-49
House: D-232, R-203
Govs: D-28, R-22

A number of those house races are down to a few hundred votes out of hundreds of thousands, so it will be a while before there's a final number there.


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