Election 2006: The Saddam Factor and Reminders of What's At Stake

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First, as always, an update on the forecasted numbers:

House: D-228, R-207
Senate: R-50, D-50

These numbers update past numbers given on 10/4, 10/18, 10/25, and 10/31. In each update, we've seen a slow, but steady swing toward the Democrats.

Today, Bush delivers on his "October Surprise." Despite, a recent prediction that the Iraqi government would hold off on convicting Saddam until after the U.S. midterm elections, they did announce today a guilty verdict. This happened just in time to make the verdict the last headline voters see on their newspapers before going to the polls. The Republicans swear it is a coincidence, but can anyone take such fortuitous timing as mere chance. It is no coincidence that we won't have an outcome to the "ethics" committee investigation into the Foley scandal until after the election.

This level of manipulation is all the more reason to keep in mind what's at stake as people go to the polls this Tuesday:

I will not even get into issues that people are familiar with, like the Patriot Act.

There are many things wrong with the direction this country has taken. Even if the Saddam issue partially vindicated some tertiary afterthought motive for invading Iraq, there's plenty enough wrong with the direction of this country. Remember that on Tuesday.


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