2006 Election Update: One Week To Go

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First, an update on the combined forecasting. This time, I have included projections from the N.Y. Times Interactive Election Guide as well as Electoral-Vote.com and CQPolitics.com.

House: D-224, R-211
Senate: R-50, D-50

Here's a breakdown of the senate races that any of the three believe are really close:

Race (ST-Dem-Rep) Polling Margin
MO-McCaskill-Talent 46% 48% 2%
MT-Tester-Burns 51% 47% 4%
NJ-Menendez-Kean 45% 42% 3%
TN-Ford-Corker 45% 47% 2%
VA-Webb-Allen 47% 48% 1%

It would not take much of a swing in any of these races to change/maintain the majority in the Senate.

Some other interesting election stuff:

  • An interesting Tom Toles cartoon from 10/29 that I'm sure expresses the nervousness that many Democrats must be dealing with.
  • A story in the Wall Street Journal about the effective use (abuse?) of absentee ballots by the Republican party to lock-up votes in contested races.
  • As I mentioned yesterday, there are some issues already surfacing with the electronic machines being used during early voting. Republican candidates are showing up on the confirmation screen of some Broward County, Florida machines after the voter selected a Democrat during the voting process.


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