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Buried in this Reuters story, a North Korean diplomat makes an interesting statement:

"These kinds of threats of nuclear war and tensions and pressure by the United States compel us to conduct a nuclear test," North Korean embassy spokesman Pak Myong Guk told Reuters in Canberra.

"Now the situation around the Korean peninsula is very tense," Pak said. "It may be breaking out (in) a war at any time, I think."

The full story is well worth a read as it is packed with lots of little details behind the tension that often go unreported. For example:

[North Korea] has refused to return [to six-party talks] until the United States ends a crackdown on North Korean offshore bank accounts, which Washington says is aimed at ending suspected illicit activities and has nothing to do with the six-party process.

I'm sure the Bush Administration has their reasons for interfering with North Korean offshore accounts, but I can sympathize with not feeling like you can deal in good faith with someone who's taken your money away first.

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