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Secretary of State Rice, in a CNN interview had these observations about Iran's cooperation with the international community's demands that they cease their efforts to enrich uranium.

"I think it's fair to say that we have not yet heard anything that suggests the Iranians are going to suspend," Rice said. "In fact, you've probably have seen the statements to the contrary from the Iranian President."

The U.N. Security Council passed resolution 1696 to demand that Iran put a stop to its nuclear ambitions or face the threat of sanctions. The deadline under the resolution was August 31st.

The timing of this story, overshadowed by the threat of a North Korean nuclear test, is unlikely to be coincidence. We have seen in the past how the two nations are cooperating in both their nuclear efforts and their efforts to pull the attention of the press away from each other at key moments.

The other interesting thing about this story is how little of a deal the administration is making about the possibility of sanctions. It is being talked about, yes; but, the possibility is only really mentioned in passing comments. It's as if they don't want to see the spike in oil/gas prices that would come from a serious threat of sanctions. It would seem that Iran can count on a free pass until election day.

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